Effective Date: May 24, 2023

This Privacy Statement covers how POSApt, as specified below ("POSApt," "we," and "us") collects, uses, discloses, transmits, stores, retains, or otherwise processes your information when you visit our website (https://posapt.au) or apply or sign up for an account (collectively, "Services").

By using our website https://posapt.au and our products and services, you hereby consent to our Privacy Statement and agree to its terms.

We acquire information about you in three ways: (i) when you submit it directly to us; (ii) when you interact with our products and services; and (iii) when we collect information from other sources. We describe what sorts of data are involved in each situation, how and why we handle (use) them, and the legal basis for our use of the relevant information below.

The sorts of information that we may obtain directly from you, which we refer to as "POSApt Account Data," are described below:

Types of DataExamples
IdentificationName, email address, postal address, phone number,
Tax InformationWithholding allowances and tax filing status
Financial InformationBank account information and payment card numbers
Other DataData that you voluntarily provide to us, including

Here is a clarification of how we deal with the POSApt Account Data stated above, i.e. how and why we use it, as well as the legal foundation that justifies this usage.

How we use POSApt Account DataWhy we process POSApt Account DataLegal Justification

We obtain the Identity Information you give us when you make a request to receive information about POSApt or our products.

To answer your request, and determine whether our Services are available in your country.

Pre-contract performance

In order to complete our identity or account verification procedure and provide you access to your newly formed account, we collect your identification information and financial information.

In order to validate the data we gather, we share your identification information with identity verification service providers. Your identification and financial information are double-checked by our vendors. Additionally, your information is checked against pertinent sanctions watchlists.

To create your account with us, to fulfil our AML, "know your customer," background-checking, and other regulatory compliances, as well as to find out if the Services are offered in your area.

Legal obligation. For example, "Know your Customer" and AML compliance requirements are governed by country-specific laws.

We use your identification information to provide you with the information and help you've requested, as well as to send you administrative and technical messages, security warnings, and technical bulletins. Additionally, we utilize it to settle disagreements, gather payments or fees, and offer support for issues with our Services or your POSApt account.

To get in touch with you in order to fulfil our [Terms of Service] responsibilities.

Contractual performance

We gather all of the POSApt Account Data required to create your account and provide you with the ability to begin processing transactions when you register for or join up for a POSApt account or other Services.

To open an account for you with us, maintain it, and show you your transaction history, including monthly account statements.

Contractual performance

We send you surveys and ask for your opinion on our services using the identification information you provide.

To determine whether the Services are beneficial to you and to assess the success of any updates we offer.

Legitimate interest

We market our services and goods to you using the identification information you provide.

To advertise our services and goods.

Genuine interest or approval (where legally required for direct marketing contact).

When you engage with our services, we also collect data from the devices you use, such as your location or details about the device you're using. This is what we refer to as "Usage Data."

Types of Information ("Usage Data")Examples

Commercial Information

  • Information on the goods and services you offer, such as stock levels, costings, and other figures.
  • Information regarding your payment transactions, such as the dates and locations of the transactions, their descriptions, the amounts of any payments or transfers, their billing and shipping details, and the payment methods used to complete them.

Geolocation data, which includes the location of your device

Please check the material below for further details and instructions on how to stop your mobile device from collecting location data.

Information about Internet or other electronic network activity

  • Web browser and device characteristics.
  • Information about how you use and interact with our Services.
  • This information includes your access time, "log-in" and "log-out" details, browser type, language, internet service provider domain name, other browser-related details, any specific page you visit on our platform, content viewed, features used, date and time of use of the Services, search terms, and the website you were on prior to visiting or using the Services.

Online identifiers

  • Data you enter to access your account.
  • IP addresses and other distinctive personal identifiers (including device identifier; cookies, beacons, pixel tags, mobile ad identifiers and similar technology; customer number; unique alias, and other identifiers).

Professional or employment-related information

  • Information you give about your company, including contact information, appointments, and personnel availability (e.g., job titles, payroll information, and hours worked and other timecard data).

Profile details - any conclusions made about you based on the information mentioned above

  • These could represent your personality, traits, and actions. For instance, if you utilize a product or service after hearing about it in a marketing message.

To fulfil our legal duties (such as verifying whether payments are being sent to or received by you and that they are compliant with the law), deliver the services you have requested, secure your account from fraud, and other things, we require your Usage Data.

Additionally, we require this usage data so we can improve our products and services for both you and other customers. For instance, if more transactions take place on a certain hardware device, we will increase the product and service available on that device.

How we use Usage DataWhy we process Usage DataLegal Justification

We collect your Commercial Information from the devices you use to engage with our systems and from the data linked with the transaction as stored on our databases.

This makes it feasible for us to offer you the services you've requested, such as processing payments, eCommerce, and inventory management.

This helps us to ensure the security of our systems and services as well as your, our, and your customers' property and rights.

This allows us to monitor, track, and analyze use and trends for internal research purposes.

Contract performance

Legitimate Interests

Legitimate Interests

We utilize your Commercial Information when you engage with our systems and it is connected to a transaction. We combine this information with Identification Information as well as with risk signals.

This enables us to troubleshoot, correct service issues, look into, identify, stop, report, or recover from fraud, misrepresentations, security breaches or incidents, or other potentially prohibited, malicious, or illegal activities; or to help protect your account in other ways, such as by disputing chargebacks on your behalf.

Contract performance (support and maintenance)

Legal obligation (fraud or incident reporting)

Legitimate interest (protect your account)

When you are using the Services on our website, web applications, and hardware, we gather information about your Internet or other electronic network activities and combine it with your Profile Information.

This makes it possible for us to offer Services to you while also adhering to legal requirements.

This makes it possible for us to offer Services that help us spot any unexpected activity on your account, detect and stop fraud, and troubleshoot and correct bugs that affect how well our Services work.

Legal obligation (fraud or incident reporting)

Contract performance

Legitimate interest

Your professional or job-related data is kept in our databases.

This makes it possible for us to provide Services features (like HR management and Payroll) that call on this kind of data to work.

Contract performance

Our databases are used to produce your profile information. We use the information from your profile to improve our services and confirm your identity.

As a result, we can utilize profiling and automated processing to create new goods and services, improve our current products and services, and authenticate your identity both directly and via the use of third-party identification verification services.

Our legitimate interests include validating your identification and minimising the risk of fraud, as well as, when permitted, providing new and enhanced services to our customers that are likely to be relevant to their company based on their Seller behaviour and the systems and processes they use.

We use your Geolocation data to establish if we can deliver Services to you and to tailor our Services to your specific location.

This allows us to assess whether we can provide Services to you and in what language, as well as to comply with payment processor and other regulatory requirements, as well as to prevent fraud.

Contract fulfilment (for Services in territories where we are authorised to conduct our business) Legal compulsion (to comply with territorial restrictions)

We also need to ensure that you are eligible for the services you wish to use, that you are using our services lawfully and that we are protecting your data and our services from any fraudulent conduct that might endanger you and your money. To do so, we may get information about you from organizations that assist us in verifying your identification, conducting a credit check, preventing fraud, or assessing risk.

Types of Information ("External Data)"Examples

Background Check Details

  • Information from a credit report
  • Data for identity verification.
  • Information on any individual or company with whom you have had, currently have or may have a financial relationship.

Credit, Compliance and Fraud Information

  • Account or credit-related information may be shared with any credit reporting agency or credit bureau, as permitted by law, as well as any person or corporation with whom you have had, currently have, or may have a financial relationship, also without limitation past, present, and future areas of employment, financial firms, and individual reporting agencies.
How we use External DataWhy we process External DataLegal Justification

Background Check Information on you is obtained from background check suppliers and processed through our anti-fraud and risk management systems.

This assists us in verifying your identification, doing a credit check, preventing fraud, and assessing risk.

Legal obligation Legitimate interest

Using our credit management systems and procedures, we receive and exchange Credit, Compliance, and Fraud Information.

As part of any credit investigation, credit eligibility, identification or account verification process, fraud or risk detection process, or collection action, as required by relevant legislation.

Legal obligation Legitimate interest

We also collect information on your customers on your behalf as your service provider whenever they engage with you throughout products and services or when you want us to. This information is referred to as Your Customers' Data. We gather Your Customers' Data when they engage with you via POSApt's products, such as when they pay at your location, arrange an appointment, or get an invoice from you. We gather different types of Customer Data based on your location, the products and services you use, and how you use them. Data from your customers may include:

Types of Information ("Your Customers' Data")Examples

Customers’ Device Information

  • Information regarding your customer's device, such as the hardware type, operating system and version, device name, unique device identifier, mobile phone network information, and device engagement with our Services.

Customers’ Financial Information

  • Bank account and payment card information.

Customers’ Identification Information

  • Name, email address, postal address, phone number, government-issued identity, or other historical, contact, and demographic information, and signature of your customers.

Customers’ Location Information

  • The location of your customer's device if they pay with Apple or Android Pay, or give their consent.

Customers’ Transaction Information

  • When your customers use POSApt to make or record payouts to you, we obtain data such as the time and location of the transaction data, the names of the parties involved, a summary of the transactions (which could include item-level data), payment or transfer sums, invoicing and delivery information, and the devices and payment processes used to accomplish the transactions.

Customers’ Use Information

  • Access time, "log-in" and "log-out" information, browser type, history and language, country and language setting on your device, IP address, domain name of your customer's Internet service provider, and other characteristics about your customer's web browser, smartphone, and operating system, features your customer utilizes, and the time and date of usage of the Services.

Other Information You or Your Customers Provide

  • Information that your customers voluntarily provide you, or that you input into POSApt's systems about your customers
  • For example, survey replies; participation in competitions, promotions, or other potential seller marketing forms or devices; ideas for improvements; notes you keep about your customers; or any other activities they take while interacting with you via POSApt.

We utilize Your Customers' Data to fulfil our contractual duty to supply you with the Services you have requested.

It is your duty to get any necessary consent for us to use Your Customers' Data as described in this Privacy Statement in order for us to provide you with the Services you have requested.

We may disclose the personal information provided in the "Information We Collect About You" section with service providers and other parties listed below:

Service providers (third parties and affiliates) with whom we disclose your personal information so that you can obtain the ServicesDescription of the services in question

Service support partners

We collaborate with the following third-party service providers to offer, manage, and enhance the Services:

  • Providers of technology or prospective partners to store data, offer software or applications to assist us in providing the Services;
  • Providers of marketing or event services who assist us in running our marketing campaigns, sweepstakes, special offers, or other events or activities;
  • Identity verification service providers to assist us in preventing fraud and satisfying our AML, "know your customer," background screening, and other compliance needs;
  • Fee collection service providers to assist us in exercising our legal rights;
  • Financial partners that assist us in providing the Services include financial institutions, payment processors, payment card companies, and credit bureaus.

Third-Party Analytics Services

We employ third-party analytics service providers such as Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics and Facebook to assist us to run our online services. These analytics firms employ technologies like cookies, web beacons, and web server logs to help us evaluate how you use our online services. We can sometimes provide your usage data to these analytics providers as well as other service providers who utilize the data to assist us to recognize the way you and others use our online services.

  • To learn more about Google Analytics and how to opt-out, please visit https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/ or https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881?hl=e
  • To learn more about how Facebook uses your data please visit https://www.facebook.com/help/325807937506242/ or log on to your Facebook account and access your settings. To understand more about Facebook advertising please see here https://www.facebook.com/about/ads.
  • To learn more about Firebase Analytics, please visit https://firebase.google.com/products/analytics

Online Tracking and Interest-Based Advertising

We and the service providers we use to advertise to you may gather information about your interactions on our website in accordance with local legislation. We use this information to target you with advertisements and to customise our products and services to your preferences. Because we utilize third-party services to promote our services to you, you may see some adverts on other websites. We use these providers to target advertisements to you and others based on demographics, interests, and context.

These third-party ad providers gather information about your online actions over time and across numerous websites by using automated technologies such as third-party cookies, web server logs, and web beacons. This information is used by ad providers to offer you POSApt adverts that may be targeted to your specific interests. Data concerning your visits to websites that show POSApt advertisements, including the pages or ads you view and the activities you take on such websites, may be collected on our behalf by our ad providers. This data is collected both on our online services and on third-party websites that deliver our advertisements to you. This approach also allows us to determine if our advertisements to you are successful.

See the section below on "Cookies And Other Similar Technologies" for information on how to opt out of interest-based advertising.

Certain web browsers allow you to teach your browser to react to Do Not Track ("DNT") signals from websites you visit, indicating that you do not want your online activity recorded. Our websites are not currently built to respond to DNT signals or comparable browser techniques.


We may share limited personal information (such as your company name) with possible partners who might provide a comparable or related service to your company.

Other third parties who will receive your personal informationWhy we share data with these parties

Other users of our Services with whom you interact through your own use of our Services.

To allow you to use our Services to initiate or collect a payment, appointment, or transfer of funds.

Law enforcement agencies

If we believe that sharing your information is reasonably necessary (i) to adhere to applicable laws, regulations, legal processes, or governmental requests (e.g., regarding debt holders, tax authorities, and law enforcement agencies, in response to a claim, charges, or lien notice, and so on); (ii) to demonstrate, exercise, or protect our legal rights; (iii) to impose or conform with our [Terms of Service].

To a subsequent owner, co-owner, or operator of one or more of our Products and Services

To allow them to continue running the Products and Services once the owner or operator changes.

If we do or attempt to do a corporate merger, consolidation, or restructuring (including during due diligence and negotiation); if we sell substantially all of our stock and/or assets; if we finance, acquire, divest, or dissolve all or a portion of our business; or if we make any other corporate changes.

To allow the relevant merger, restructuring, financing, acquisition, divestment, dissolution, or other business change to be completed.

We go to great lengths to protect your data. While we believe we have robust protections in place, no one can guarantee that cybercriminals will not be able to get into our sites or steal your data while it is being stored or transferred from you to us or vice versa.

We take precautionary measures, such as organizational, technological, and physical protections, to secure your data against loss, theft, and abuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, and erasure. However, the internet is not a completely safe environment, and we cannot ensure the total security of your data's transfer or storage. We keep information on you on our own facilities as well as with the help of third-party service providers. Our employees, contractors, and service providers who need access to your personal information for the reasons indicated in this Privacy Statement will have access to it.

The information below applies to all of our websites and apps. Digital cookies and related technologies help us improve our services by identifying when you've logged in, evaluating how you use our services so we can make them more helpful to you, and providing you with a more personalized experience.

We collect certain data using automatic technologies such as cookies, web server logs, web beacons, and other technologies when you engage with our web services or open our emails. A "cookie" is a text file that sites transmit to the computer or other network device of a visitor in order to uniquely identify the visitor's browser or to save information or settings in the browser. A "web beacon," also known as an Internet tag, pixel tag, or clear GIF, is a little visual image that may appear on our websites or in emails.

We gather your device information, internet activity information, and inferences using these automated tools, as indicated above.

These technologies assist us in the following ways:

  • Remembering your information so you don't have to re-enter it;
  • Keep track of how you use and interact with our online services and emails;
  • Adapt our online services to your needs;
  • Assess the usefulness and effectiveness of our services and communications to you;
  • Monitor and improve our goods and services.

Some of these automated technologies are established by us, while others are set by third parties that provide services on our behalf. For example, we may employ other organizations' web analytics services (mentioned above in the "Third-Party Analytics Services") to help us assess how consumers use our websites.

When cookies are installed on your device, your browser will notify you, and you may stop or deactivate them using your browser settings. Please keep in mind, however, that without cookies, some of our web services may not function correctly. If you are using a smartphone, you can control how your device and browser exchange specific user information by modifying your mobile smartphone's privacy and security settings. You can also navigate to your system preferences within mobile applications and select "Limit Ad Tracking" (for iOS devices) or "Opt out of Interest-Based Ads" (for Android phones), which will enable you to limit our usage data gathered from or about your mobile device (such as exact location data) for the purposes of advertising.

Some third parties provide a centralized method for tracking your preferences regarding the usage of your data for consumer behavioural marketing purposes. If you use this method to opt-out of online behavioural advertising, your opt-out will only apply to the browser or device from which you opt out.

We keep your data for as long as it is required for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement, which include providing our Services, complying with legal obligations, enforcing and preventing violations of our Terms, protecting against fraudulent activity, and defending our legal rights, property, and users.

Your information's retention durations are set on a case-by-case basis based on the following factors:

  • The nature of the data and why it is gathered and handled. We will store your information for as long as we need it to provide you with our Services, including any optional services you utilize, and to offer customer assistance.
  • For legal considerations. In some situations, we are required by law to retain your information, such as after your account has been cancelled. We will store your information as long as we need it to
  • Respond to a legal request or comply with the legislation. We must maintain your information when we have a legal responsibility to do so. For example, if we receive a valid legal request linked to your accounts, such as a preservation order or search warrant, we must keep your information even after you deactivate your account.
  • Handling and resolving requests, conflicts, or complaints.
    For legal or regulatory issues. For example, we may keep your information if we are subject to a regulatory investigation or if we need to protect ourselves in litigation about a claim involving your information, or if we need to react to a regulator in regards to a regulatory and legal complaint filed by you or someone else.
  • Concerns about the safety, security, and integrity of our Services, as well as the protection of rights, property, and users. For example, we retain information in order to investigate abuse of our Services, such as fraud.

You can access, modify, or correct information you provided to us, request that your account be deactivated, control your location information, or instruct us to discontinue marketing to you by opting out.

You may view, modify, or amend the information you've supplied by signing into your POSApt account at any time or by contacting us using the details below. Before allowing access or otherwise modifying or amending your information, we will need to authenticate your identity.

You can terminate your account by signing into your POSApt account or contacting us using the contact information provided below.

We may require access to location information, including exact location data obtained from your device, in order to deliver relevant Services. Some Services will not work correctly and you will be unable to use them if you do not consent to the collecting of this information. You may disable our collection of location data at any moment by changing the settings on your device. Some of our applications will no longer work if you do so. You may also stop our gathering of location information through mobile applications by removing any POSApt mobile applications from your device using the regular uninstall method.

You can choose to stop receiving POSApt advertising communications by following the directions in those messages, alerting the marketer that you do not want to get promotional marketing communications, or adjusting your notification settings by going into your POSApt account. Opting out of receiving messages may have an impact on how you use the Services. If you choose not to receive marketing communications, you will still receive non-promotional communications that are necessary for the operation of your accounts, such as digital receipts and information concerning your account or our ongoing business connections.

POSApt does not intentionally collect personally identifiable information from minors under the age of 18. If you believe your child provided any type of information on our website, please notify us immediately, and we will do our utmost to promptly delete such information from our records.

POSApt complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)(Privacy Act) and with the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act, as well as with this Privacy Statement.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement from time to time as necessary. We will provide you substantial advance notice of any significant changes in how we utilize your information, including by email if you have supplied one. If you do not agree with these changes, you have the option to terminate your account at any time. Any changes will be communicated to the public by uploading an updated version of the Privacy Statement and revising the "Effective Date" above. The amended version will go into effect on the "Effective Date" specified.

If you have any questions or complaints about our Privacy Statement, please contact us using the information provided below:

Phone: +03 8802 4468

Email: info@posapt.au