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Point of sale, or POS, refers to the place where a retail transaction such as buying or selling of goods takes place. While point-of-sale systems used to be your traditional cash register, they can now be found in a variety of forms, thanks to digital technologies.

A POS system typically records an item’s price, tracks sales, accepts payments and generates a receipt. POSApt can do these aforementioned tasks flawlessly and even help out with important business operations.

A POS system is a constellation of software and hardware combined together to process customer-facing transactions efficiently and streamline business processes connected with your sales. The software is what registers, processes and stores transaction details while the hardware is what you interact with the software, read items and cards, print out receipts, etc. A POS system in the past referred to the cash register at the counter of a store. But with today’s fully digital POS systems, you can control all the functions of a POS on your smartphone or tablet.

We strive to not just be better than the competition but be different as well. Our POS system has the following key features:

  • Centralized Ordering
  • All your orders from third-party delivery companies such as Uber, Doordash, Menulog, etc are congregated into one central dashboard to make life easier.

  • Integration with Leading Accounting Software
  • Our POS system comes integrated with the world’s most popular account software including Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks.

  • Secure Payment Options
  • Alongside EFTPOS integration, our POS system also allows your customers to pay via PayPal or Google Pay, allowing more payment options without any security risk.

  • Affordability
  • What makes POSApt an easy choice is its affordability and the fact that “We don’t take any commission on your success”.

Nope. We don’t take any commission, extra charges, authorization fees, startup fees, compliance fees or business card fees. You won’t have to pay anything more than the tiny monthly subscription fee that you agree to at the end of your 30 Days Free Trial.

Download the POSApt app, sign up and start using it immediately. We are offering a 1-month FREE TRIAL with No-Card Required.

POSApt is free to use for the first 30 days and charges a small monthly subscription fee. Our Promise: POSApt will always cost you less than any competitive POS system in the Australian Market. We take no commissions or extra charges.