Our Story

Our journey began with a desire to contribute meaningfully to our society. Our origins trace back to an IT venture founded by experts in software and finance. Initially, our focus lay in providing contracted software development services to external companies.

Amidst this journey, we encountered numerous instances shedding light on the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. Notably, we were drawn to the intricacies surrounding order processing, product or service provisioning, inventory management, and financial record-keeping.

Recognizing the potential benefits of streamlining this intricate workflow, we aimed to alleviate the complexities of business management. By centralising these processes, we envisioned lightening the load on business owners, affording them more time to focus on their core endeavors. This, we believed, would lead to heightened profitability and a greater sense of satisfaction in their work—a pathway to a truly gratifying business model, one that echoes contentment within the wider societal fabric.

Our founding team comprised a chartered accountant with extensive financial management experience and an accomplished engineer. This dynamic combination fueled our vision of creating a solution—now known as POSApt—to address these challenges head-on.

Presently, the foundational features of POSApt stand complete, a source of daily delight for our cherished clientele. Witnessing their satisfaction brings us immense joy. However, we remain unyielding in our pursuit of excellence. Continuously, we endeavor to craft novel services and features, all directed towards the overarching goal of perpetual enhancement.

Our commitment to fostering a joyful society remains resolute, unwavering. We persist in our endeavors, ceaselessly striving to contribute to the greater tapestry of contentment.