Custom POS System for SMB Businesses

Custom POS System

POSApt customise features based on your business requirements.

Customised POS Streamlines Your Business

  • Adjust to Your Business Needs
  • Smoother Integration
  • Advanced Reports
Why settle for an off-the-shelf solution when you can have a custom point-of-sale system that's perfectly suited to your needs? Whether you're in the hospitality industry or the retail side of things, POSApt's custom point-of-sale system can help you run your business more efficiently.
Customised Pos

Tailored to You

As the name suggests, a custom POS system will be tailored to your specific business needs. This ensures that you have all the features and tools you need to run your business smoothly.

Increased Efficiency

Since it is designed with your personalised needs and requirements, it can help you to make the most out of your business. It can streamline your operations and increase efficiency


As your business grows, a custom POS system can scale with you. It is providing the flexibility and support you need to expand your operations.

Cost Savings

Custom POS software can be a little expensive at first, but it can help you to reduce costs in the long run. This is achieved by automating tasks and eliminating the need for a paper work

Integration with Other Systems

A custom system can be integrated with all the other tools and systems. This can include your accounting software, inventory management system, and online ordering platforms.

Advanced Reporting

This system generates detailed reports on sales, inventory, and customer behaviour to make informed business decisions.

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Your Business with Our Customised POS System


Dedicated Support

We have dedicated and experienced professionals ready to provide unparalleled support to our clients. We provide 24/7 assistance to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly.


Tailored to Your Business Needs

Our custom POS system is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your business. The system offers the highest amount of customizability and features that can be tailored to your workflows and processes.


Improved Efficiency

With features like real-time inventory tracking, automated reorder, and advanced reporting, POSapt's custom point-of-sale can help improve your business efficiency, reduce manual errors, and optimize your operations.


Better Customer Experience

As per your business’s needs, our system can include various customer management features. Some of these are loyalty programs and targeted promotions, to enhance customers' experience and drive sales and profits.


Seamless Integration

We understand that you might already have a few different types of systems in your business right now. So, our system can integrate with other business tools, such as accounting software and online ordering systems, to provide a seamless experience.


Customisable Interface

A POS system should be as easy as pie to make it your own. It should have a user-friendly interface that can be tailored to your specific business needs, such as adding your logo, colours, and branding.



One of the key advantages of POSApt's custom POS software is its scalability. The software is designed to handle high transaction volumes, so as a business grows, the software can handle the increased traffic without any performance issues.


Payment Processing

Customers in different businesses and locations have their own preferences for payment options. So your POS system should support multiple payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and gift cards, with secure and efficient payment processing.


Customer Management

At the end of the day, what matters most is the satisfaction of your customers. So, this system should allow for customer management, including loyalty programs, personalised offers, and targeted promotions.

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  • Speed Up Sales
  • Manage Multiple Stores
  • Real-Time Sales Reporting
  • 3rd Party Software Integration
  • Keep Track & Prevent Stock Spoilage
  • Analyse & Improve Business Profits

Frequently Asked Questions?

A custom POS system is a point-of-sale system that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a business, with a highly customizable interface and features that can be tailored to specific workflows and processes.

Based on your customisation requirements, the price varies. But for the basic POS system, it will cost you $66 per month.

The time it takes to implement a POS system varies depending on the complexity of the system and the size of the business. However, POSApt's custom POS system can be implemented within a few days with minimal disruption to your business.

Yes, Custom POS Software can be integrated with other business tools, such as accounting software, CRM systems, and online ordering platforms.

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