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Table Ordering System Australia

Welcome to our Table Ordering System, a game-changing solution that transforms people’s dining experience as known before. With our intuitive system, your valuable customers will no more have to wait in lines or struggle to grab your attention.

Table Ordering System Australia

Effortless Ordering Made Simple

Scan and Order

Our Table Ordering System utilizes QRs placed on each table, allowing customers to scan and access the digital menu effortlessly. Allow your customers to browse through an extensive range of dishes and place orders with ease!

Real-Time Updates

Don’t let your customers keep wondering about the status of their orders. Our system provides real-time updates of each order, ensuring transparency and keeping customers informed every step of the way!.

Customized Preferences

We understand that everyone has different dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether your customers require vegan alternatives or specific ingredient exclusions, our system allows order customization to meet specific requirements.

Seamless Payment Options

Customers can now settle bills directly from their tables thanks to POSApt’s Table Side Ordering System. With our innovative system, your customers can now split the payment with their friends, add a tip, and complete the transaction securely and effortlessly.

Efficient Customer Support

Table Ordering provides efficient customer support to address queries or concerns that you may have. Whether it's a special request, clarification on menu items, or any other assistance, our dedicated support team is just a click away.

Free Custom Website

With a subscription to our Online Ordering System, we design and develop an appealing and custom website for your business.

Table Ordering System

Experience the Power of Our Table Ordering System


Seamless Integration

The system seamlessly integrates with your existing restaurant management system. Effortlessly sync your digital menu, order processing, and inventory management for a unified and efficient dining experience. Say goodbye to manual data entry and embrace a streamlined operation.


Insights and Analytics

Leverage the power of data to gain valuable insights into your customers' ordering patterns and preferences. The system provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that help in making data-driven decisions based on customer preferences.


Secure and Reliable Solution

Rest assured that personal information and payment details are secure with our online Ordering System. We prioritize data security and implement robust measures to protect your customer’s sensitive information.

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Starting at$119/mth Explore all Plans

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Starting at$119/mth Explore all Plans

100% Customer Satisfaction

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A table ordering or table booking system is a digital platform that allows customers to place orders or book tables from anywhere. It aims at providing a seamless and efficient ordering experience for diners.

It starts with signing up on the business’s custom website provided by POSApt. Once customers are signed up they can place orders of their favourite items directly from the website. Moreover, all the orders will be notified to the owner so that they can process ahead.

Some benefits of using a table side ordering system include:

  • Streamlined ordering
  • Personalised preferences
  • Convenient payment options
  • Order history and favourites
  • Efficient customer support

Yes, our system can integrate with various restaurant management systems, including point-of-sale (POS) systems and inventory management systems. This integration ensures seamless synchronization of menus, orders, and data, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.

The cost may vary based on user requirements. But at POSApt, you can get it at just $119 per month.