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Convineance Store POS System

All-Inclusive Convenience Store POS Solution

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Customers already appreciate the convenience provided by your convenience store. But is your POS system as smooth as your service? Consider our convenience store POS solution to provide a complete shopping experience from start to finish.
Convenience Store

Modernising Convenience Stores through Cloud Technology

Convenience or Bodega stores thrive by offering convenient shopping experiences. And in today's competitive market, achieving this goal without the right technology is impossible. Our cloud-based Convenience Store POS system empowers your business by streamlining operations, increasing sales, and improving customer satisfaction. POSApt provides your store with advanced capabilities ranging from inventory management to accepting multiple payment methods.

Modernising Convenience Stores through Cloud Technology

Solving Australian POS Needs for Convenience Stores

Improve your store's business operations to keep customers coming back for more.

Effortless Payment Handling

Effortless Payment Handling

Accept cash, credit cards, and digital payments seamlessly, providing convenience to your customers.

Inventory Control for Retail Products

Inventory Control for Retail Products

Easily manage your inventory, receive restock notifications, and keep products in stock.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Implement loyalty programs to reward your regular customers, encouraging them to return with exclusive perks and discounts.

Seamless Accounting Software Integration

Seamless Accounting Software Integration

Sync your sales data directly with accounting software like Xero for effortless financial management.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Tailor the system to your preferred language, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Franchise Business Support

Franchise Business Support

Keep track of all your sales & performance from every store with franchise support. Manage all stores from one system.

User-Friendly Integrated E-commerce System for Convenience Stores

Reach a larger audience and sell more efficiently with an e-commerce solution designed specifically for convenience stores like yours.

Reach a Wider Audience

Reach a Wider Audience

An e-commerce website allows you to reach a larger customer base by expanding beyond geographic boundaries.

Sell Around the Clock

Sell Around the Clock

Unlike physical c-stores, your e-commerce site is open 24 hours a day. This accessibility for customers makes more sales during holidays and festivals.

No Queues, More Sales

No Queues, More Sales

With an e-commerce store, hundreds of people can buy your products and pay instantly. No more waiting in a queue.

6 Reasons to Choose Our Convenience Store POS System


Online and Offline Sales Management

Manage both physical and online stores with a single application, eliminating the need for duplicate product listings. Moreover, you do not have to re-upload the same products in your POS and e-commerce inventory. The integration will synchronise both inventories as one.


Efficiency Over Traditional POS

Simplify various aspects of your C-store, from inventory to customer relationship management with POSApt's modern POS solution. Increase sales by implementing weekly sales, black Fridays and discount vouchers.

Harness the Power of the Cloud

Harness the Power of the Cloud

Access your business data and manage operations from anywhere with our cloud-based system. POSApt can be managed even if you are not in the store physically.


24/7 Customer Support

Enjoy exceptional customer support to keep your business running smoothly. The support is just a call away and it is free of charge.


Franchise Support

Our solution is designed to support multi-store businesses, making it ideal for franchises. Streamline all your outlets and view performance reports through one single application.


Multi-Platform Compatibility

Access your POS software's data on a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops. You can also use our web-based version if you do not want to purchase dedicated hardware.

IFranchise Support

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  • Speed Up Sales
  • Manage Multiple Stores
  • Real-Time Sales Reporting
  • 3rd Party Software Integration
  • Keep Track & Prevent Stock Spoilage
  • Analyse & Improve Business Profits

Frequently Asked Questions?

A Convenience Store Point-of-sale system is a specialised business software designed for convenience retailers. It centralises tasks like inventory, sales, customer interactions, and more to enhance the customer experience.

Our Convenience Store POS software costs $99, and our e-commerce solution is priced at $199. Please visit ourpricing plan to explore all pricing plans and select the best one for your store.

POSApt is the best POS system for convenience shops in Australia, offering a comprehensive set of features and benefits. Moreover, at POSApt you will get free software integrations and customer support.

Once you subscribe to our e-commerce plan, our technical team will promptly get in touch with you to start building your e-commerce website. Customisation is available upon request and once the website is ready, we will seamlessly integrate it with your POS system.

Our POS solutions are available in almost all the top cities of Australia. Most of our POS clients lie in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

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