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B2B Online Ordering System

Welcome to POSApt's new B2B Online Ordering System, the ideal solution for all businesses across Australia. Gone are the days of manual order management and tedious paperwork. With our user-friendly platform, you can now easily manage your B2B orders with a few clicks!.

B2B Online Ordering System

Efficient Order Management Made Easy

Centralized Order Processing

Consolidate all your incoming orders from various channels into one central platform. Whether your clients prefer to order through your website or mobile app our B2B Ordering System ensures seamless order consolidation and processing..

Customizable Catalogs and Pricing

Tailor your product catalogue and pricing to meet the specific needs of each B2B customer. With our flexible system, you can create personalized catalogues, set customer-specific pricing, and implement volume-based discounts or promotions..

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Say goodbye to stockouts and overselling. Our B2B system provides real-time inventory tracking, allowing you to monitor product availability and update stock levels instantly. This ensures accurate order fulfilment and eliminates the frustration of backorders..

Order History and Quick Reordering

Empower your B2B customers with easy access to their order history. Our system enables clients to view past orders, track deliveries, and conveniently reorder their favourite products. This streamlined reordering process saves time and enhances customer satisfaction..

Effortless Communication

Stay connected with your customers through our integrated messaging system. Respond to inquiries, provide updates on order status, and address any concerns promptly..

Experience the Power of Our B2B Online Ordering System


Seamless Integration

Integrate our B2B Online Ordering System with your existing ERP or CRM software to create a unified business ecosystem. Sync customer data, inventory information, and order details effortlessly, eliminating data entry errors and streamlining your operations.


Data Analytics and Reporting

POSApt's B2B ordering software provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to track key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your business processes and maximize profitability.


Secure and Scalable Solution

Rest easy knowing that your business and customer data are protected with advanced security measures. Our B2B Online Ordering Software is built on a secure infrastructure, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information.

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B2B Online Ordering System
B2B Online Ordering System
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B2B Online Ordering System

Take your B2B operations to the next level with our powerful and user-friendly online order management system. We offer a range of customizable plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to schedule a demo and start streamlining your B2B ordering processes.

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Starting at$119/mth Explore all Plans

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Starting at$119/mth Explore all Plans

100% Customer Satisfaction

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A b2b online ordering system is a platform for b2b businesses to manage and process orders in a streamlined and efficient manner. With its use, b2b businesses can place orders, customise prices and track deliveries with ease.

A b2b online ordering system consolidates, processes, and fulfils orders once they are placed. It is generally integrated with a POS system to manage inventories, track orders and provide real-time reporting. Your business will have a website from where other businesses can purchase your products. All the processes will be tracked in a backend dashboard.

The cost of implementing a B2B system can vary depending on the features, scalability, and customization requirements. But you can get POSApt’s custom online ordering system for your businesses at just $119 per month.

Yes, our B2B ordering software can be integrated with various business software including CRMs, ERPs, Accounting software, Point-of-Sale Systems and more.